Douglas & Cecilia

Douglas & Cecilia were married on a chilly May day last year and we were really lucky that the rain stayed away. I know I keep banging on about the weather but it plays such an important role on a wedding day.

Douglas & Cecilia’s wedding took place at the Garfield House Hotel just outside of Glasgow, it’s been a while since I’ve worked here and it has been renovated since, it looks really amazing!!

To say that Douglas & Cecilia are laid back would be the biggest understatement of all time, it was an absolute pleasure to be the one who photographed their day as they made my job just about as easy as it gets!!!

Allan & Ruth’s Pre Wedding Shoot

Allan & Ruth were married last summer and this was their pre wedding/family session we done at the Colzium park near where I live. I really love the Colzium as it is so diverse for photos and also has a really amazing walled garden that it mostly open in the summer months, worth checking out if you have’t seen it!!

Both their beautiful girls also came along for the photo-shoot and we had loads of fun and managed to get some amazing photos. Love these guys, they are the nicest family you could meet!!

Ian & Julie

Ian & Julie were married at my very own local venue, Glenskirlie House. I love Glenskirlie, not only is at an amazing venue with 2 really cool places to choose to be married but they really look after us suppliers and the food is pretty much the best you’ll get anywhere.

Julie used to be wedding coordinator at Glenskirlie (no pressure then) and I was really honoured when she asked if I could cover her day for her. Julie is a sweetheart but a pedantic one and a big part of me likes that in someone as they can make clear exactly what they want and also it keeps me on my toes, well more than usual, lol.

The day went amazingly well and I was delighted with the images we managed to capture as were Ian & Julie.

Malcolm & Merline

Malcolm & Merline were married at one of my favourite venues, Sherbrooke Castle Hotel on a cold late March day last year. Malcolm & Merline’s day was a very low key affair and it went amazingly well!!

Some prep in the morning followed by a pretty quick ceremony and then on to the photos which we got done in record time, always a bonus!

Sherbrooke Castle has done some extensive work to the gardens since then and now looks even more amazing!!

Malcolm & Merline didn’t want any photos of the dancing later on so it was an early bath (malbec) for me.

Bruce & Samantha

Bruce & Samantha were married at the amazing Cartland Bridge Hotel at the beginning of spring last year, yes thats right, I’m still trying to catch up with the blog!!!

As you’ll see from the photos, the weather was fantastic and we managed to get some great photos all around the grounds of the venue.

I am really loving shooting with prime lenses these days, the only zoomlens that I have in the bag now is my ultra wide 14-24, I could never get rid of that, ever!!!

Bruce & Samantha are the loveliest of couples and their little princess ‘Grace’ is the most amazing little girl ever!! Check out her smiles through out the day.

Mark & Gemma

Mark & Gemma were married at Glenskirlie Castle 10 years to the day of my wedding at the very same venue! What are the chances hey?!!

To say Gemma was stunning would be an understatement!! The dress was out of this world! The detail that went into the entire day was fantastic!

The wedding was such a happy one with plenty of laughs right through out the day.