Eve & Lee

Eve & Lee were married at Altskeith Country house on the beautiful shores of Loch Ard.  I do quite a few weddings at Altskeith and I absolutely love it!  The scenery is breathtaking and the photo opportunities are again endless!!  For me, the best thing about Shooting weddings at Altskeith House is that I get to go out on a boat and paddle around for a while!  Eve & Lee weren’t up for going out on the row boat but I went out and got some great shots of them both on the shore, this meant I could choose the back drop I wanted and man was there loads of choice!!!

Altskeith House is a relatively small venue and holds mostly intimate weddings, this always allows me time to float about the day and and cover a great deal of the wedding ‘reportage’ style.




Arlene & Liam

I absolutely love city centre weddings!  Arlene and Liam were married at a chapel in Cumbernauld with the reception at the amazing Old Fruit Market in Glasgow’s Merchant City area.  The photo opportunities in the city are pretty much endless but can sometimes get frustrating due to only having a limited amount of time with the bride & groom.  Every time I shoot a wedding in Glasgow I literally have to run around to get to all the best places I know as there are so many to choose from!

The Old Fruit Market is a massive venue and can be quite dark for the reception.  I managed to capture one of my favourite ever photos of the Arlene & Liam’s first dance.  It was such a great day and it looked like it was going to be a huge celebration into the night!!!



Arlene & Sandy

Arlene & Sandy were married last year at the Vu on a showery day.  I knew so many people at the wedding, I always find it more difficult to shoot a wedding when I know loads of people as people want to have a wee chat and ask how you’ve been.

Arlene & Sandy were amazing to work with and made my day very easy indeed!!!!Niven-4Niven-11Niven-18Niven-20Niven-23Niven-34Niven-35Niven-37Niven-39Niven-48Niven-49Niven-50Niven-65Niven-70Niven-81Niven-91Niven-93Niven-94Niven-95Niven-99Niven-104Niven-106Niven-112Niven-117Niven-124Niven-140Niven-153Niven-166Niven-169Niven-178Niven-180Niven-183Niven-186Niven-189Niven-192Niven-201Niven-202Niven-248Niven-265Niven-271Niven-273Niven-275Niven-281Niven-288Niven-294Niven-296Niven-298Niven-307Niven-310Niven-321Niven-325Niven-330Niven-335Niven-337Niven-342Niven-347Niven-351Niven-356Niven-383Niven-384Niven-391Niven-398Niven-400Niven-416Niven-424Niven-453Niven-456Niven-461Niven-466Niven-469Niven-475Niven-477Niven-482Niven-490Niven-496Niven-500Niven-504Niven-506Niven-511Niven-514Niven-522Niven-525Niven-529Niven-533Niven-537Niven-548Niven-599Niven-606Niven-618Niven-627Niven-640Niven-664Niven-665Niven-667Niven-669Niven-681Niven-682Niven-684Niven-687Niven-689Niven-696Niven-741Niven-796Niven-805Niven-806Niven-807

David & Sarah

What an absolute scorcher David and Sarah had for their big day.  The wedding took place at a modern-ish (70’s) church with the most incredible ceiling.  The reception took place at the wonderful Eglinton Arms, Eaglesham.  This was the first time I have worked here and it lived up to the good stories.  The staff were amazing and I was really looked after all day.

David and Sarah were so easy to work with and coupled with the weather we had it was a great day for photos.  I always try my best to take the bride and groom around as many places as possible in the time given, there’s nothing more depressing that most photos all taken in the same area.  I love the diversity of most venues, even if there isn’t a great deal to photograph inside sometimes, thats when the challenge comes alive.




Alex & Christine

Alex & Christine were married at Glenskirlie Castle and it was an absolutely fantastic day!  Some wedding are more emotional than others but on the scale this was a good solid 10!

Every now and again us photographers are thrown a wee curve ball well for it was a massive one!  I had bought a brand new camera a few days before and this was my third and last wedding of the weekend, the Friday and Saturday had gone great and I was absolutely loving my new camera.  As I was taking photos of Christine’s flowers and 10 shots into the wedding day my new fancy camera completely died on me!  You can only imagine my horror!  I always use 2 cameras where ever I go with work for this very reason so as the day went on, the only thing I could think about was ‘wha if my other camera fails!’  Thankfully the rest of Alex & Christine’s day went great with no dramas at all.

Christine was not at all keen on having her photos taken but she was an absolute superstar and both Alex & Christine were a joy to work with.  Alex & Christine were really delighted with their images as was I.  Another amazing wedding, an amazing couple and amazing guests!Moore-1Moore-2Moore-3Moore-4Moore-5Moore-6Moore-7Moore-8Moore-9Moore-10Moore-11Moore-12Moore-13Moore-14Moore-15Moore-16Moore-17Moore-18Moore-19Moore-20Moore-21Moore-22Moore-23Moore-24Moore-25Moore-26Moore-27Moore-28Moore-29Moore-30Moore-31Moore-32Moore-33Moore-34Moore-35Moore-36Moore-37Moore-38Moore-39Moore-40Moore-41Moore-42Moore-43Moore-44Moore-45Moore-46Moore-47Moore-48Moore-49Moore-50Moore-51Moore-52Moore-53Moore-54Moore-55Moore-56Moore-57Moore-58Moore-59

Conroy & Kirsty

18699377_1633083530097007_8622096699589918075_oConroy & Kirsty were married  a couple of months ago at the beautiful Ingliston Country Club.  This was the first time I have been to this venue and I was very impressed indeed!

The weather was pretty good to us for a change and the wedding itself was a really great one!  The mood in the morning of the wedding was amazing, everyone was high as a kite and it made for really great images!

One thing I consider an absolute must for a wedding photographer is the ability to get as many diverse images as possible, truth be told, some venues are way better than other for photos and sometimes us photographers really need to use our imagination.  Ingliston was a joy to work at, there are so many great places to take photos with the bride and groom, in this case I had to cut it short due to the time restrictions.  We also managed to get out later in the day, I threw Conroy & Kirsty in my car and we drove to find something a wee bit different.  A few miles down the road I seen a field that looked amazing as the back drop was unreal, a view right over the Clyde up the highlands and west coast.  I am so glad that Conroy & Kirsty decided to go with me as it was just one of those lucky moments.  I was delighted with the images from Conroy & Kirsty’s wedding day, they are such an amazing couple!!!


James & Nicola

James & Nicola were married a few months back at the lovely little Condorrat Parish Church, my parents were married here over 50 years ago so it holds a special place in my heart!  There are quite a few venues these days where us photographers don’t get the chance to wonder around the church whilst the ceremony is taking place, this can be really frustrating especially when there is ample room up each side of the church seats.  There are so many great photos to be made during the ceremony but I’m afraid we have to abide by the rules and do what we’re told.

The ceremony was held at the amazing Glenbervie House, the weather wasn’t the best, it was cold and damp but the heavy rain managed to stay away long enough for some outside shots before heading inside to make the most of the staircase and the lovely honeymoon suite.  James & Nicola were so fantastic on the day and made my job so easy, I love couples that are so relaxed on their big day, believe me, many are not and it can take a wee while to get them used to being in front of the camera.Gilmore-10Gilmore-11Gilmore-25Gilmore-29Gilmore-32Gilmore-33Gilmore-39Gilmore-42Gilmore-44Gilmore-66Gilmore-74Gilmore-79Gilmore-82Gilmore-92Gilmore-99Gilmore-118Gilmore-125Gilmore-131Gilmore-135Gilmore-146Gilmore-168Gilmore-181Gilmore-186Gilmore-194Gilmore-199Gilmore-219Gilmore-222Gilmore-233Gilmore-243Gilmore-246Gilmore-250Gilmore-253Gilmore-259Gilmore-262Gilmore-263Gilmore-266Gilmore-268Gilmore-271Gilmore-273Gilmore-275Gilmore-281Gilmore-286Gilmore-287Gilmore-312Gilmore-316Gilmore-318Gilmore-320Gilmore-324Gilmore-327Gilmore-328Gilmore-336Gilmore-339Gilmore-348Gilmore-352Gilmore-386Gilmore-393Gilmore-394Gilmore-395Gilmore-396Gilmore-400Gilmore-402Gilmore-405Gilmore-428Gilmore-430Gilmore-483Gilmore-501Gilmore-529Gilmore-535Gilmore-539Gilmore-548Gilmore-550

Chris & Karen

Chris & Karen were married at St. Mary’s Church in Duntocher followed by the reception at the magnificent Seamill Hydro.  The was the first wedding I have done at Seamill and the new renovations had not been long finished, I was really impressed at how amazing this venue was, the views across the sea to the isle of Arran are unreal.

Again, the day started off pretty wet but soon cleared and although it was mega windy we managed to get some cracking photos.  Any chance to shoot on the beach must be a good thing, surely!

Chris & Karen are such a lovely couple and it was a huge pleasure to photograph their big day!Gibbons-4Gibbons-6Gibbons-11Gibbons-21Gibbons-24Gibbons-32Gibbons-45Gibbons-48Gibbons-52Gibbons-55Gibbons-56Gibbons-59Gibbons-60Gibbons-65Gibbons-68Gibbons-72Gibbons-87Gibbons-99Gibbons-101Gibbons-104Gibbons-107Gibbons-112Gibbons-118Gibbons-129Gibbons-136Gibbons-140Gibbons-145Gibbons-150Gibbons-153Gibbons-156Gibbons-166Gibbons-174Gibbons-178Gibbons-181Gibbons-185Gibbons-204Gibbons-207Gibbons-216Gibbons-249Gibbons-257Gibbons-263Gibbons-267Gibbons-310Gibbons-325Gibbons-328Gibbons-335Gibbons-337