Alex & Christine

Alex & Christine were married at Glenskirlie Castle and it was an absolutely fantastic day!  Some wedding are more emotional than others but on the scale this was a good solid 10!

Every now and again us photographers are thrown a wee curve ball well for it was a massive one!  I had bought a brand new camera a few days before and this was my third and last wedding of the weekend, the Friday and Saturday had gone great and I was absolutely loving my new camera.  As I was taking photos of Christine’s flowers and 10 shots into the wedding day my new fancy camera completely died on me!  You can only imagine my horror!  I always use 2 cameras where ever I go with work for this very reason so as the day went on, the only thing I could think about was ‘wha if my other camera fails!’  Thankfully the rest of Alex & Christine’s day went great with no dramas at all.

Christine was not at all keen on having her photos taken but she was an absolute superstar and both Alex & Christine were a joy to work with.  Alex & Christine were really delighted with their images as was I.  Another amazing wedding, an amazing couple and amazing guests!Moore-1Moore-2Moore-3Moore-4Moore-5Moore-6Moore-7Moore-8Moore-9Moore-10Moore-11Moore-12Moore-13Moore-14Moore-15Moore-16Moore-17Moore-18Moore-19Moore-20Moore-21Moore-22Moore-23Moore-24Moore-25Moore-26Moore-27Moore-28Moore-29Moore-30Moore-31Moore-32Moore-33Moore-34Moore-35Moore-36Moore-37Moore-38Moore-39Moore-40Moore-41Moore-42Moore-43Moore-44Moore-45Moore-46Moore-47Moore-48Moore-49Moore-50Moore-51Moore-52Moore-53Moore-54Moore-55Moore-56Moore-57Moore-58Moore-59


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