Conroy & Kirsty

18699377_1633083530097007_8622096699589918075_oConroy & Kirsty were married  a couple of months ago at the beautiful Ingliston Country Club.  This was the first time I have been to this venue and I was very impressed indeed!

The weather was pretty good to us for a change and the wedding itself was a really great one!  The mood in the morning of the wedding was amazing, everyone was high as a kite and it made for really great images!

One thing I consider an absolute must for a wedding photographer is the ability to get as many diverse images as possible, truth be told, some venues are way better than other for photos and sometimes us photographers really need to use our imagination.  Ingliston was a joy to work at, there are so many great places to take photos with the bride and groom, in this case I had to cut it short due to the time restrictions.  We also managed to get out later in the day, I threw Conroy & Kirsty in my car and we drove to find something a wee bit different.  A few miles down the road I seen a field that looked amazing as the back drop was unreal, a view right over the Clyde up the highlands and west coast.  I am so glad that Conroy & Kirsty decided to go with me as it was just one of those lucky moments.  I was delighted with the images from Conroy & Kirsty’s wedding day, they are such an amazing couple!!!



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